Announcing the Chinese Version of CEP’s “Essentials of Foundation Strategy” Report

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The parts of CEP’s vision that resonate most deeply with me are that we “seek a world in which pressing social needs are more effectively addressed. We believe improved performance of philanthropic funders can have a profoundly positive impact on nonprofit organizations and the people and communities they serve.” This vision is what compelled me to join CEP in 2011 after working for many years in the philanthropic sector in China. Through my work co-founding Social Venture Group, a philanthropic advisory firm in Shanghai, I was able to see firsthand how thoughtful and strategic philanthropic funders could truly make a difference in the lives of those they seek to help. I also saw that the nascent philanthropic sector in China as a whole was expanding quickly and experiencing growing pains.

This idea of impacting the world for the better is a central part of CEP’s motivation to provide philanthropic funders with useful data and insight (through our research, assessment tools, and programming) to improve their work. For many years now, though we have not made explicit efforts to share our research outside the U.S., we have been hearing feedback from some foundation leaders in Asia—as well as in Europe—that they have read our research reports and found them particularly helpful.

This summer, in order to better serve foundation leaders in Chinese-speaking Asia, we’re excited to announce the publication of CEP’s Essentials of Foundation Strategy report in Chinese. This report—authored by my CEP colleagues Ellie Buteau, Phil Buchanan, and Andrea Brock and first published in 2009—explores a unique framework for thinking about strategy in a foundation context. The report draws its findings from survey results from hundreds of foundation CEOs and program staff in the U.S., and also includes case studies of foundation leaders who are thinking strategically about their programmatic work. We hope that providing the report in Chinese will make its lessons more accessible to a larger audience of foundation leaders who are looking to think more deeply about what it takes to be strategic in their foundation’s work.

This Chinese report is a pilot of sorts. We don’t presume that all our research on field-wide best practices for foundation leaders in the U.S. will be relevant in a very different context halfway across the world. Therefore, we hope to hear from Chinese philanthropists and foundation leaders about the utility of this translation and whether additional translations of CEP’s research would be helpful.

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Grace Nicolette is a Manager on the Assessment Tools team at the Center for Effective Philanthropy.

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CEP的愿景中最引起我深刻共鸣的是我们“致力于有效解决社会的迫切需求。我们相信,提高慈善资助者的效能,可以对非营利组织和他们所服务的人群和社区带来积极和深远的影响。”这一愿景,驱使我在中国的公益领域工作多年后,于2011年加入CEP。作为在上海的一家公益咨询公司 – 舜益咨询的联合创始人, 我在多年的一线工作中亲眼见到,考虑周全并有策略的公益资助者可以为那些需要帮助的人群带来真正的改变。我也看到,尚处在发展初期的中国慈善界整体性的迅猛发展以及所经历的成长阵痛。







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