CEP Releases 2010 Video Annual Report

In past years, we have spent considerable time and money on nicely designed annual reports. We have received good feedback on these pieces but aren’t convinced they’re widely read – or a good use of limited resources.

So, this year, we’re trying something different: a video annual report in which I speak to the highlights of 2010.

In addition, all the documents that are relevant to learning about CEP – including our complete audited financials, Form 990, strategic plan, and a complete list of our funders – are also continually updated on our site. External assessments of our work are available here – in their entirety.

We’re interested in your feedback.

• Is this a good approach to communicating about what we accomplished in 2010?
• Is there anything else you’d like to know about CEP’s work, our finances and operations, or anything else?

We’re committed, at CEP, to being transparent – on the theory that a tax advantaged nonprofit seeking to achieve its mission should have no secrets. So we share information we think might be of interest to our funders, clients, and broader audience.

I’m interested to know if you think we’re missing anything. What else should we make available?

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