Rapid Grantee Feedback in a Challenging Time

CEP has developed a rapid-response grantee feedback tool to help foundations better understand the pressing needs of their grantees right now.

Focus Your Efforts Now

CEP’s rapid-response grantee feedback tool is designed to help you gather a comprehensive picture of what your grantees are experiencing during the ever-changing context of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent economic challenges. 

This five-minute tool is designed to help you identify specific grantees in need of immediate support as well as general themes to help you focus your efforts now. CEP can deploy the tool within days and return automated results within two business days of surveys closing.

The brief survey asks grantees for responses and comments related to:

  • How their organizations and services have been affected
  • The biggest challenges facing them or those they serve
  • How their funders have responded and how they believe funders can best support their organizations
  • How long they can continue to operate without severe disruption to their programs or services

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