Alana Lopez

Client Services Senior Coordinator

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Alana Lopez, Client Services Senior Coordinator, partners with district, network, and school administrators to ensure continued success at each stage of survey implementation at YouthTruth. She serves a critical role in building strong relationships over time with YouthTruth clients by seeking to understand their needs and delivering them a delightful experience.

Prior to joining YouthTruth in March 2020, Alana worked in the technology space at education startups helping customers and partners experience and realize the deeper value they can receive from a product. She is also a former educator who has spent significant time teaching, training, and developing educational programs in the United States, China, Chile, Mexico, Uganda, and South Africa. Alana holds a Masters in Education from New York University and a B.A. in Developmental and Child Psychology from San Francisco State University.

In her free time, Alana can be found on the field playing co-ed softball with her team, the Wet Sox, and perfecting her grilling skills.

Alana Lopez