Sonya Kendall Heisters

Deputy Director, YouthTruth

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Like many teachers, Sonya’s love for education is in her DNA. Her grandmother was a principal, her mother, a High School teacher, and her brother is a celebrated middle school special education teacher.

Homeschooled through 8th grade, Sonya entered a large public high school at age 13 and, despite the overwhelming nature of it all, was enthralled. Observing school-based relationships propelled her into a series of questions about cognition and development that would guide her subsequent pursuits.

Prior to joining YouthTruth, Sonya served as associate director of engagement for the Presidio Graduate School. Her experience in K-12 education includes work as director of university tutoring, as the tutoring program manager for Score!/Kaplan, and as the site director of a K-5 program in rural California. Sonya graduated from Lesley University in Cambridge, MA with degrees in English and Non-Profit Management of Education Programs. She completed her Student Teaching practicum at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School.

Sonya’s work on YouthTruth is deeply satisfying as she partners with educators to harness student perceptions to drive student success. When she is not connecting with school leaders, you might find Sonya hiking along the Point Reyes National Seashore or reading the latest from Stephen Pinker, Angela Duckworth, or Jack Lynch.

Sonya Kendall Heisters

Director of Partnerships and Outreach