CEP’s data-driven, customized advising leverages CEP’s knowledge and experience to help funders answer pressing questions about their work, address existing challenges, hear from valued constituents, and learn and share with peers.

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You face vexing questions in your work as a funder. CEP’s advisory services draw from two decades of experience to help you find solutions to your most pressing challenges. Examples of customizable engagements include:

Spotlight on Recent Projects
Learn more about CEP’s partnership with the William Penn Foundation to explore their peer funders’ strategy review processes, and about what the Surdna Foundation learned about multigenerational board engagement at family foundations.
Spotlight on Recent Projects
Learn how the David and Lucile Packard Foundation worked with CEP to design and implement a set of Grantee Experience Standards to strengthen their interactions with grantees and how CEP-led focus groups of Barr Foundation grantees helped the Foundation improve their relationships and communications with funded partners.
Spotlight on Recent Projects
Learn more about recent engagements with Co-Impact and the Arcus Foundation; both funders partnered with CEP on customized surveys followed by interviews with key internal and external partners.
Spotlight on Recent Projects
Philanthropy Support Organizations such as Mission Investors Exchange, Northern California Grantmakers, and Philanthropy New York are a few PSOs that have partnered with CEP to solicit their members’ feedback. Common survey themes include member satisfaction, the use and helpfulness of available resources and networks, and members’ suggestions for near- and longer-term impact. CEP offers members of United Philanthropy Forum a discount on their first CEP member survey.
Spotlight on Recent Projects
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Spotlight on Recent Projects
Learn more about CEP’s partnership with the Community Foundation Sonoma County and Napa Valley Community Foundation. This survey dealt with the needs of organizations in the wake of Northern California’s wildfires.

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