A practical, inspirational guide
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Giving Done Right, by Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) President Phil Buchanan, arms donors with what it takes to do more good, more quickly, and to avoid predictable errors that lead too many astray.

An essential resource for donors and foundation staff

The widely acclaimed Giving Done Right offers the intellectual frameworks, data-driven insights, tools, and practical examples to allow readers to understand exactly what it takes to make a difference. In a powerful foreword, Ford Foundation President Darren Walker writes, “In these pages, Phil not only synthesizes the many lessons he’s learned… he combines data and stories with practical advice for givers of every kind and category and helps all of us who want to figure out how to do it more effectively.”

Called the “Best Philanthropy Book of the Year” by Inside Philanthropy and “a must read for those who really want to make a difference when supporting non-profits” by Equal Justice Initiative founder Bryan Stevenson, Giving Done Right speaks to givers at all levels.

This is a crucial resource that reveals the secrets and lessons learned – some painful, some powerful — from some of the biggest givers. After years of rampant bad advice for donors from consultants, business school faculty, and other so-called experts – much of it rooted in inapt analogies to business and investing – Giving Done Right cuts through it all and helps givers understand that effective philanthropy is a challenge like no other. It also reminds us of the unique and crucial role giving and the nonprofit sector have played in this country.

Giving Done Right is about what works, and it draws on and encapsulates nearly two decades of CEP’s research and work. But it’s also filled with the stories of the people who bring philanthropy to life. You’ll meet the early “venture philanthropist” who concedes he has learned that venture capital is not a good analogy for philanthropy, and is now helping others to understand the unique challenge of giving well. You’ll learn about the foundation president who fancied himself the LeBron James of philanthropy, “taking his talents” from the business world — only to learn the hard way that they didn’t apply in a very different domain.

You’ll also read about the examples of great giving that has transformed lives: expanding human rights, reducing childhood mortality, and strengthening communities. And you’ll meet nonprofit leaders like Tiffany, whose early experiences with racism inspired her to dedicate her life to closing the achievement gap, and Gregg, who spends his days and nights recruiting the most at-risk young people in his community out of gangs — to literally save their lives. Finally, you’ll meet those whose lives have been changed by giving done right. People like Crisamar, who credits her success in life to Tiffany’s organization. And Andre, whose “big mistake” nearly cost him everything — until Gregg’s nonprofit helped him turn his life around. And you’ll learn how they have become givers, too.

Because giving done right is like that. It ripples outward, with benefits beyond what anyone could imagine.

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