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The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) seeks to influence foundations and major donors to be more effective.

Core Values of Employment 

We are looking for people who believe in the potential of data and feedback to improve the effectiveness of individual and institutional donors as well as, through our YouthTruth initiative, school systems.

Our Commitment

Our diverse and talented staff work hard and are committed to excellence in pursuit of impact. We prize our distinctive culture, which puts people first, values diversity, authentic and open communication, and mission-focus, and emphasizes a supportive, caring, and collegial environment.

CEP’s Culture

In 2016, a cross-organizational task force at CEP, with input from full staff, crafted a working document articulating CEP’s culture. This document represents what we believe to be CEP’s culture today and the culture we intend to foster going forward.

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Our people are our greatest asset. We are a group of high performers doing high-quality, meaningful work with a commitment to excellence.

  • We hold ourselves to high standards; accountable to ourselves and to our teams
  • We take initiative and solve problems, independently and together
  • We set up our operations and policies so that we can consistently do our best work
  • We take responsibility for our individual learning and growth, and have access to (financial and non-financial) resources and support so we can learn and grow, whether at CEP or in moving on to other opportunities
Authentic and Open Communication

We thoughtfully and respectfully say what we mean and we mean what we say.

  • We deliver candid, open, and honest communication, especially in moments of change
  • We seek to be transparent and as inclusive as possible in our decision-making process, and we are transparent about when we can (and can’t) be transparent
  • We believe that giving in-person feedback with good intentions is how we learn and improve

We are committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment.

  • We believe that diversity of thoughts, experiences, backgrounds, personalities, and identities helps us think bigger and better, and we practice respect for qualities and experiences that are different from our own

All of us have an important and valued voice, and we believe that great ideas come from across the entire organization.

  • Our ideas might not “win” but our culture empowers us to share our opinions and perspectives, including when they are dissenting or unpopular
  • We are thoughtful, attentive listeners
Focused on Our Mission

We have a passionate commitment to the missions of CEP and YouthTruth.

  • We believe in our missions and we walk our own talk of effectiveness and improvement
Big Goals and Clear Roles

Stemming from our passion about our mission, and our commitment to excellence and high-quality work, we set ambitious, lofty — and achievable — goals for ourselves and our teams and set ourselves up for success.

  • We have clarity about our roles and how they inform our goals and impact, across teams and across the organization
  • We have appropriate decision-making authority over our work
Learning to Improve

In our effort to be impactful and effective, we are always learning, changing, and improving. That means we take calculated risks, make mistakes along the way, and take the time to learn from them.

  • How we can get better is an ongoing conversation across all levels and functions of the organization
  • We are curious and engaged; we ask lots of questions
  • We are committed to innovation, creativity, and professional development
  • Sharing and discussing different points of view enriches us and makes us smarter
Hard Work, Not Over Work

We value hard work and productivity just as much as we value a flexible workplace that allows us all to have a life.

  • We believe that busy doesn’t mean better, and we don’t glorify grueling hours
  • We approach tasks and responsibilities with rigor to produce impactful and quality work
Supportive, Caring and Collegial Environment

We have a culture of genuine care, concern and mutual respect in a positive environment that builds honesty and trust; one in which we share successes and responsibilities.

  • We have a culture of teamwork and personal accountability
  • We help each other, pitch in, and lend a hand and a listening ear when needed (whether personal or professional)
  • We cooperate and collaborate, independently and in teams
  • We celebrate our contributions and successes

We’re a group of friendly folks that enjoy each other’s company.

  • We value coming together informally for lunches, snacking, games and events

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We are looking for the brightest minds and collaborative thinkers.

Vice President, YouthTruth

Location: San Francisco, CA

Coordinator, Research

Location: San Francisco, CA

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Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan

We are committed to a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment, where all feel welcomed to be authentic and contribute fully.


As part of our commitment to openness and transparency, CEP shares data about the demographics of our staff and board.

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