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Advisory Services

Tailored Approaches to Gather Insights

CEP’s data-driven, customized advisory services leverage CEP’s knowledge and experience to help funders answer pressing questions about their work, hear from valued constituents, and learn and share with peers.

Insights Catered Specifically to Your Needs

We’ll work with you to design the best approach to get answers to your most vexing questions. CEP has worked with funders to create custom surveys, focus groups, benchmarking studies, workshops, demographic data collection and visualization projects, and more to help them get the insight they needed to strengthen their work.

Examples of Advisory Projects

Field Wide Practices & Benchmarking

We help funders seeking to learn more about effective structures, practices and approaches used by their colleagues by conducting peer interviews and custom benchmarking.

Acting on CEP Assessment Results

We help funders better understand their assessment results and take action through in-depth interviews, focus groups, workshops and pulse surveys.

Feedback from Key Stakeholders

We seek feedback from foundation stakeholders — other funders, community leaders, current and former grantees, and more — through custom surveys, interviews and focus groups.

Membership Surveys

We offer rigorous, confidential surveys for regional and issue-focused and other philanthropy-serving organizations interested in collecting an synthesizing feedback from their members.

Demographic Data

We design and field rigorous confidential surveys to support funders in collecting and using demographic data about their boards, staffs, donors, applicants and grantees.

Deep Dives Into Community Perspectives

We partner with groups of funders within a community to help them better understand the challenges, needs and perspectives of local organizations in their regions and fields. 

Spotlight on Recent Advisory Projects

Field Wide Practices and Benchmarking

Learn more about CEP’s partnership with the William Penn Foundation to explore their peer funders’ strategy review processes.

Acting on CEP Assessment Results

Learn how the David and Lucile Packard Foundation worked with CEP to design and implement a set of Grantee Experience Standards to strengthen their interactions with grantees.

Feedback from Key Stakeholders

Learn about a recent engagements with Co-Impact, a funder that partnered with CEP on customized surveys followed by interviews with key internal and external partners.

Demographic Data

Learn more about recent engagements with The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

Read about this topic on CEP’s blog: “Demographic Data Collection: The Personal, The Practical, And The Potential For Impact”.

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