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Are we actually in the middle of a generosity crisis?

Did you donate to charity in the past, but no longer do so?  If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. For the second year in a row, the philanthropy research foundation Giving USA reported that fewer Americans are donating to nonprofits than they...

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Most grantmakers don’t seem to know if they are effective

Is your foundation any good? I don’t mean: is it big, or does it give away a lot, or does it run an efficient process, or do the grantees achieve much. Rather, I mean: are you any good at being a foundation? Are you effective? Are you good at finding work that will...

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SSIR: Why Isn’t No-Strings Funding More Common?

Philanthropy’s constructive critics, financial activists, and virtually all nonprofits have long argued for a dramatic increase in unrestricted grantmaking. Yet grants untethered from funder restrictions and requirements remain relatively rare. As a result, funding is...

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devex: How philanthropy is working around a DEI backlash

Some U.S.-based philanthropic funders are changing the way they frame their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts, or DEI — including removing references to Black and other marginalized communities — in an effort to avoid potential legal troubles as...

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