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Announcing a New Partnership with GEO

Date: May 15, 2018

Austin Long

Senior Director, Assessment and Advisory Services, CEP

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For the past decade-plus, Grantmakers for Effective Organizations (GEO) has been an important colleague of CEP’s as we both work toward strengthening the philanthropic sector. The GEO community brings together more than 5,000 grantmakers around the world so they can connect, share knowledge, and learn about effective practices to help them improve. GEO and CEP offer complementary resources that enable more effective philanthropy, and today we’re excited to announce a new aspect of our ongoing partnership to help connect that robust network of funders with CEP’s resources to help them assess and better understand their effectiveness.

CEP is now offering GEO members a 10 percent discount off their first time participating in any of our core assessments: the Grantee Perception Report (GPR), Staff Perception Report (SPR), and Donor Perception Report (DPR) for community foundations. This exclusive discount for GEO members offers funders the opportunity to gain crucial feedback and insight about their effectiveness through CEP’s assessments. inline

Grantee Perception Report® (GPR)

The GPR — the most widely used grantee survey — provides funders with candid and actionable feedback from grantees on key topics including impact on grantees’ fields, communities, and organizations; understanding of intended beneficiaries; and interactions and communications with grantees. We’ve worked with nearly 300 private, community, corporate, and public funders — in the U.S. and around the world — through the GPR.

Staff Perception Report (SPR)

Designed specifically for philanthropic funders, the SPR helps funders gather, understand, and act on staff feedback in ways that connect directly to the unique context of philanthropic effectiveness. The SPR has been used by more than 50 funders of every type and size.

Donor Perception Report (DPR)

The only survey that benchmarks donor perceptions across community foundations, the DPR provides community foundations with candid feedback and insights from their donors on topics including donor satisfaction, future giving plans, and perceptions of leadership in the community. Just this week we are celebrating the milestone of sending out our 100th DPR on behalf of community foundations.

GEO is celebrating its 20th birthday this year, and since CEP began its work in 2001, we’ve counted GEO as a key partner in our work to positively influence the foundation field. We’re excited to deepen this relationship and work with more of GEO’s members to bring them candid feedback from key stakeholders so they can learn and improve. If you’re a GEO member who hasn’t worked with CEP before, I invite you to reach out to learn more about how CEP can help you assess and improve your grantmaking practices.

Austin Long is director, assessment and advisory services, at CEP. He can be reached at

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