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The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) works with funders all over the world, and more than 30 funders headquartered in Europe, and 43 global foundations have participated in the GPR to provide unique insights into their effectiveness.

Grantee and Applicant Perception Report

Helping Funders All Over the World Learn From Feedback

CEP’s Grantee Perception Report (GPR), a research-based assessment that provides foundations with a chance to learn and improve by listening to and benchmarking candid feedback from their grantees, has now been used by more than 300 funders, including more than 30 funders headquartered in Europe and 43 global foundations.

Through an easy-to-implement, confidential online survey, the GPR allows funders to learn from actionable insights based on truly candid and reliable grantee feedback. 

The GPR is the only grantee survey that puts your results in a comparative context with your peers. That’s the CEP difference.

Survey themes include:

  • Impact on grantees’ fields, communities, and organizations
  • Understanding of intended beneficiaries and challenges
  • Interactions and communications with grantees
  • Application, reporting, and evaluation processes
  • Assistance beyond the grant
Learn from Declined Applicants

For funders with open or competitive application processes, using the GPR in tandem with CEP’s Applicant Perception Report (APR) allows you to gain a comprehensive understanding of grantees’ and declined applicants’ experiences with your interactions and processes.


CEP’s Staff Perception Report (SPR), the only staff survey designed specifically for foundations, helps funders gather candid feedback from their teams on topics crucial to their impact. CEP’s Donor Perception Report (DPR) helps funders understand what their donors value and what drives their giving decisions. Through our Advisory Services, funders work with CEP on tailored engagements designed address current challenges, take the next steps to make change following an assessment, and answer pressing questions about their work.

Profiles in High Performance

These profiles feature the work of four high-performing foundations in Europe and beyond. Each focuses on a particular area in which the foundation excels, as identified through analysis of CEP’s comparative Grantee Perception Report (GPR) dataset.

Beyond the Grant
Building Relationships That Matter
Power in Processes
The Road to Transparency

GPRs Around the World

Use the map to see where more than 300 funders of all types and sizes have used the GPR to gain insight into their effectiveness.

The CEP Difference

What makes CEP’s assessments so uniquely insightful?

  • Candid and Confidential Feedback: Gather vital feedback from key stakeholders through a trusted third party.
  • Rigorous Methodology: Learn about the practices most connected to effectiveness through our extensively tested and research-informed survey instrument.
  • Relevant Benchmarking: See your results in a comparative context among data  collected from hundreds of peer funders.
  • Interactive Results and Analysis: Take a deep dive into your results with our interactive online reporting system.
  • Expert support: Let CEP’s team of experts guide you through the process, from survey design and implementation to helping you act on your results.
  • Driven by Evidence: Discover actionable insights in data amassed over a decade from hundreds of funders.