New Blog Series: CEP Wants to Hear from You

I’m excited to share the newest series that the CEP Blog will soon be beginning this fall. To do it, we need your help.

At CEP, we often receive questions about how to put our research and assessment tool findings into practice. We’re always happy to share, as appropriate, best practices drawn from our research and concrete examples we’ve seen work at other foundations. That’s why we’re starting a monthly Q & A series on the CEP Blog. We want to know what’s on the minds of the foundation leaders who read and follow us here. We want to know what YOU are curious about as you seek to improve your work. We’ll seek to answer every question to the best of our ability, and each month we’ll take a commonly-asked or especially thought-provoking question and share an in-depth response on the blog.

You can send your questions in our direction in a number of ways: leave a note in the comment section below, direct message us on Twitter, post to our Facebook, or send an email to We can share the question with attribution or anonymity here on the blog. We’re excited to hear from you!

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