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Effective Matters: AI and Philanthropy

Date: April 25, 2024

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Last year, in a post that kicked off a series on AI and philanthropy on the CEP blog, we asked, “What does ChatGPT Know About Philanthropy?” A year later, that question has been turned on its head; what we hear more often is some version of, “what does philanthropy know about AI?” Or, “how is philanthropy using AI?” Or even, “what are philanthropy’s responsibilities when it comes to AI?” These are all valid, important questions and, as one group of authors on the CEP blog pointed out while exhorting philanthropy to play a greater role in the development and deployment of AI in the social sector, “while we may not like change, we will like irrelevance a whole lot less.” In that spirit, we have collected here a non-exhaustive list of resources, perspectives, and insights on AI as it related to the philanthropic field.

AI Resources for Funders

Responsible AI Adoption in Philanthropy Guide: Project Evident’s guide includes considerations on ethical, organizational, and technical components of AI implementation.

Considerations for Deploying AI at Your Organization: On The Heart of Giving podcast from BBB Wise Giving Alliance, host Art Taylor offers thoughts on key considerations for organizations planning to launch AI projects, based on his own experience.

AI Readiness Diagnostic: Is your organization ready for AI? Another resource from Project Evident, this tool is designed to help you understand where your organization is on the new technology and what your next steps could be.

Inspiring Action: Identifying the Social Sector AI Opportunity Gap: A new working paper from Stanford Institute for Human-Centered AI and Project Evident sheds light on current use of, interest in, and opportunities for AI in the social impact sector.

Perspectives on AI in Social Impact

A New Code for AI: in this brief, engaging talk, Vilas Dhar, president and trustee of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, both provides examples of AI at work for social impact and discusses the imperative of shaping this new technological phenomenon ethically.

CEP’s AI and Philanthropy Blog Series:

Find the full series here.

Mitigating future risks: Why your organization should have an AI policy: Candid offers insight into the why and how behind developing their own AI policy, and why they believe other organizations, both funders and nonprofits, should consider developing a policy on AI use, too.

In Other News: Updates from CEP

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