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YouthTruth Awarded $650,000 Grant to Harness Student Voice for School Improvement

Date: February 1, 2016

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Contact: Heather Vega, On Behalf of YouthTruth Student Survey: 925-784-4608,

San Francisco, CA – Fund for Shared Insight (“Shared Insight”) selected YouthTruth, a national nonprofit initiative of the Center for Effective Philanthropy, to receive additional funding to continue their efforts to harness student feedback to accelerate school improvement. YouthTruth is among five previously funded projects and one new research grant to receive support from the funder collaborative, which pools resources to foster greater openness and strengthen feedback loops.

“Too often, students are left out of key decisions that affect their learning. With this crucial support from Shared Insight, YouthTruth will continue championing student voice for school improvement and is poised to engage more students than ever before,” said YouthTruth’s executive director, Jen Vorse Wilka.

YouthTruth was one of 14 nonprofits awarded a grant in 2014. The previous grant allowed YouthTruth to cross the milestone of serving 275,000 students nationwide. Now with over 365,000 student voices heard, this grant support further positions YouthTruth to engage more students and equip school and district leaders and education funders with data and insight for school improvement.

“The systematic and user-friendly approach that YouthTruth takes to gathering and sharing student feedback to accelerate change serves as an example of effective feedback loop design and implementation,” said Melinda Tuan, project manager for Shared Insight. “We believe in the work and see what a positive impact it is having on students, the ultimate beneficiaries in K-12 education.”

About YouthTruth Student Survey

YouthTruth is a national nonprofit that harnesses student perceptions to help educators accelerate improvements in their K–12 schools and classrooms. Through validated survey instruments and tailored advisory services, YouthTruth partners with schools, districts, states, and educational organizations to enhance learning for all students. Founded in 2008 in collaboration with the Center for Effective Philanthropy, YouthTruth has surveyed hundreds of thousands of students across 33 states and four countries, including Russia, Thailand, and Singapore. For more information, visit

About the Fund for Shared Insight

Fund for Shared Insight (“Shared Insight”) is a collaborative effort among funders that pools financial and other resources to make grants to improve philanthropy. Shared Insight emerged from a belief that foundations will be more effective and make an even bigger difference in the world if they are open to listening to others and sharing lessons learned. Shared Insight provides grants to nonprofit organizations to encourage and incorporate feedback from the people they seek to help; understand the connection between feedback and better results; foster more openness between and among foundations and grantees; and share lessons learned. Fund for Shared Insight welcomes additional funders to learn more about our effort. For more information, visit or contact Melinda Tuan at

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