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Overlooked Blog Series

Responding to ‘Overlooked’: A Blog Series

The Center for Effective Philanthropy released two parallel reports in December 2021: Overlooked (Part One): Foundation Support for Asian American and Pacific Islander Leaders and Communities and Overlooked (Part Two): Foundation Support for Native American Leaders and Communities.

The reports highlighted two concerning trends for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) and Native American nonprofit leaders and communities (trends that we do not see for nonprofit leaders and communities of other races/ethnicities):

  1. AAPI and Native American nonprofit leaders report having less positive experiences with their foundation funders than nonprofit leaders of other races/ethnicities. This has been the case during, as well as prior to, the pandemic.
  2. Despite the significant challenges facing AAPI and Native American people, most foundations continue to overlook nonprofits that serve these communities.

Following the reports’ release, we asked foundation, nonprofit, and community leaders to respond to the findings and speak to their own or their organization’s experience as relates to the reports. We are grateful to the authors who have thoughtfully contributed to this series, collected in full here.