Alice Mei


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Alice Mei, Manager, leads relationships with funders using CEP’s assessments. She designs data collection instruments, analyzes quantitative and qualitative data, writes reports, and presents insights, with a particular focus on custom engagements. She is also the key point person for CEP’s GPR Learning Network, which convenes senior foundation leaders to share knowledge and foster data-informed change efforts.

Before joining CEP, Alice provided mixed-methods research support on evaluations of federal workforce development and adult education programs at the Urban Institute. Her professional experience also includes developing and delivering leadership trainings to a diverse set of non-profits as a community organizer in the Seattle area, planning and managing large-scale fundraising events, and serving as a writing mentor to high-school students.

Alice is a proud graduate of Carleton College with degrees in Political Science and Psychology. She currently resides in San Francisco, California, where you can find her planning a dinner party, perusing home decor stores, or playing volleyball on the beach.

Alice Mei