Emily Giudice

Former position at CEP
Associate Manager,
Programming & External Relations

Length of tenure at CEP
4 years

What are you up to these days?
I am a second-year MBA student at the MIT Sloan School of Management. After I graduate, I will be working at the economic consulting firm Analysis Group, which conducts economic and financial analysis as well as expert testimony for law firms, government, and businesses.

How did your time at CEP prepare you for what you are doing now?
I was lucky enough to serve in two very different roles while at CEP. I started out as an analyst on the assessment and advisory services team, which taught me both advanced analytical skills as well as client relationship management.

After 1.5 years as an analyst, I had the opportunity to switch to the programming and external relations team, which gave me a completely different experience. The role centered on planning CEP’s biennial national conference, which helped me hone my project management and complex event-planning skills. While at Sloan, I have been active with planning the annual Sloan Healthcare and BioInnovations Conference. I am one of the few people who came to school with conference-planning experience.

Overall, CEP places a huge emphasis on delivering high-quality work both internally and externally, which was an excellent skill to learn so early in my career. Having a personal reputation for excellence can be a huge differentiator in the workplace, and I’m very grateful to have that ingrained in my work habits.

What do you miss most about working at CEP?
The people! Without a doubt, CEP is the best group of coworkers you could wish for. Everyone is so smart, motivated, enthusiastic, kind, and supportive. Also, if I hadn’t worked at CEP I never would have met my fiancé. He was the roommate of a former CEP analyst, and I met him at a Hanukkah party hosted by a colleague. It just goes to show you that there’s something magical about CEP people!

What advice would you give someone about working at CEP?
Be humble and prepared to learn — new skills, new ideas, new opinions. Never be afraid to share your views about something; your voice is valued no matter what your title says. And don’t take anything for granted — very few workplaces care for their employees as well as CEP does!

Describe your perfect Sunday.
I would definitely sleep in, and not have any homework to do. It would be about 70 degrees outside, so I’d go on a walk and grab breakfast at Tatte. I’d spend most of the day reading an engrossing novel, with a break to go for a run or take a yoga or barre class. Then I’d cook a fairly simple, yet delicious dinner and enjoy it with a glass of wine.

Emily Giudice