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Jenny Goff

National Quality Improvement Program Manager at Upstream USA (as of January 2019)

Former Position at CEP
Manager, Assessments & Advisory Services

Length of tenure at CEP
4 years

What are you up to these days?
I’m working as the National Quality Improvement Program Manager at Upstream USA, a national non-profit working to reduce unplanned pregnancy and increase access to contraception.

How did your time at CEP prepare you for what you are doing now? 
CEP prepared me for my current work in every way. At CEP, I learned how to manage and lead projects, build and maintain relationships with clients, deliver presentations to senior leaders, turn data into insight, persuade others to use those insights to drive decision-making, and approach all work with a commitment to quality, rigor, and excellence. All of those skills serve me in my day-to-day work now. Plus, I picked up tons of technical skills that I use on occasion – Excel, SQL, survey design, statistical analysis, etc.

What do you miss most about working at CEP?
The people and the culture of feedback. CEP is in the business of providing feedback to foundations and really walks the talk internally. At CEP, feedback is the expectation. Not only is everyone expected to ask their colleagues for feedback, but also everyone is expected to provide colleagues with specific, actionable feedback frequently (whether it’s reflecting after a client call, rehearsing a presentation, or proofing a report). This cultural norm taught me so much: it taught me to give and receive feedback and allowed me to learn and grow as a professional.

Also, I miss trading Excel pro tips, eating bagels on survey launch day, drinking my favorite coffee (stocked in CEP’s kitchen!) over a meeting, and defending the 2-on-2 foosball title with Mark McLean.

What advice would you give someone about working at CEP?
First, do it! Second, enjoy CEP and take advantage of all the opportunities you have. Take on new projects, volunteer to present more slides, push yourself to learn that new formula (or snippet of code or presentation technique) and seize all the on-the-job learning opportunities you can. CEP presents staff with incredible opportunities and CEP’s managers have a strong focus on facilitating their employees’ growth. That’s really special, so cherish it and learn everything you can.

Describe your perfect Sunday.
I start the day with a nice cup of coffee, followed by a long hike with good company, great snacks, and breathtaking views. I still manage to catch the sunset and then head to a potluck with friends and delicious home-cooked food. Finally, I curl up in bed with a novel.

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