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Johnny Yeo

Data Analyst at Convoy (as of June 2019)

Former position at CEP/YouthTruth
Data Scientist

Length of tenure at CEP/YouthTruth
2 years

What are you up to these days?
I am living in Seattle, WA, and am working at Convoy, which is an up and coming startup in the freight industry. I currently work as a Data Analyst, working to deliver data-driven solutions to account managers who work with some of the biggest shipping companies in the nation, such as Costco, Anheuser Busch, and Niagara Waters.

How did your time at CEP prepare you for what you are doing now?
At CEP I’ve grown so much in learning to take initiative, noticing what the needs of the organization are, and taking ownership over what needs to get done. Because so much of CEP’s focus is on innovation and pushing the bill, I’ve come to internalize a lot of that in my work ethic as well, and I think it’s carried over as an asset to my current job.

What advice would you give someone about working at CEP?
Make the most of the relationships with the co-workers there! I think CEP has some of the best people ever, and I thoroughly enjoyed my working relationship with everyone there.

Describe your perfect Sunday.
It would be a warm Socal day, like 80 degrees; I’d be at a beach in the morning, playing beach volleyball and doing a little bit of bodyboarding, then reading with the waves in the background. In the afternoon I’d go to church with some of my best friends, and end the night with a nice meal with the same group of friends.

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