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Kelly Chang

National Park Service Alaska Regional Office (as of August 2016)

Former position at CEP
Senior Research Analyst

Length of tenure at CEP
3 years, 10 months

What are you up to these days?
I work for the National Park Service Alaska Regional Office.

How did your time at CEP prepare you for what you’re doing now?
CEP was truly an amazing professional experience and I owe a lot to the organization. It was a period of rapid growth and responsibility, with a specific emphasis on: 1.) Data collection, analysis, and synthesis; 2.) Presentation, communication, and client relationships; and 3.) Project management and leadership. CEP provided significant professional opportunities in each of these areas, which is a lot of responsibility for someone’s first job out of college. Within two years, I was the lead data analyst and presenter for projects at some of the largest foundations in the world. In addition to exposure to challenging and rewarding projects, I would say CEP’s greatest contribution is modeling what a well-functioning organization looks like. CEP demonstrates how important strong leadership and management are in producing meaningful outcomes and creating a positive and thriving work environment for staff.

What did you do between your time at CEP and your current role?
After CEP I traveled for a few months and attended graduate school at New York University. I received my MPA in 2012 and moved to D.C. to start work at the National Park Service the week after my graduation.

What do you miss most about working at CEP?
The people! CEP has such a nurturing and supportive culture and some of the best managers I have ever come across.

What advice would you give someone about working at CEP?
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. People are there to help and it’s the fastest way to learn.

Describe your perfect Sunday
Lounging on a sandy beach with a good book and a pina colada!

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