The Funding Landscape: Nonprofit Perspectives on Current Issues in Philanthropy

The nonprofit perspective is an essential one for philanthropic funders to consider when it comes to any number of issues. After all, nonprofit staff and volunteers are the ones doing the critical work on the front lines, providing support and creating the change that philanthropy cares deeply about. Too often, unfortunately, the nonprofit perspective goes unheard.

So in November 2019, CEP surveyed our Grantee Voice panel of nonprofit CEOs with questions about a number of current issues that have been hotly debated in philanthropy, including the pros and cons of donor-advised funds (DAFs), the use of gift acceptance policies, the impact of recent changes to the tax code, anticipated changes in nonprofit revenue, and concerns about a recession.

CEP received responses to questions about these topics from 419 nonprofit CEOs (the survey was sent to 1,125 CEOs, for a 34 percent response rate). The Funding Landscape: Nonprofit Perspectives on Current Issues in Philanthropy shares what we learned.

We invite you to download and read the report in full, and as always, we welcome your thoughts and reactions.

This report is co-authored by Ellie Buteau, Hannah Martin, and Kate Gehling.

The survey instrument used to gather information for this report is available here.

Note: CEP provided this data to The Chronicle of Philanthropy in December 2019 and The Chronicle reported several data points in articles. This report is a complete summary of what CEP found from the survey.

February 2020

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