Sohail Kamdar

Associate Manager

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Sohail Kamdar, Associate Manager, assesses student feedback and assists in survey and report production at YouthTruth.

Prior to joining YouthTruth, Sohail graduated from Oberlin College with a B.A. in neuroscience, biochemistry, andeconomics. His academic interests allowed him to pursue a broad range of research, from food access in real estate markets to integration of students with disabilities into mainstream classrooms. Teaching college level science classes as part of Oberlin’s OWLS Program, as well as tutoring high school students as part of the Ninde Scholars Program, significantly molded his passion for clarity and feedback in education.

Outside of work, Sohail can be found performing an array of interests such as waiting for dough to rise and running or biking outdoors. He is currently in between podcasts.

Sohail Kamdar