Student and Stakeholder feedback for School Improvement

YouthTruth is a national nonprofit housed within CEP that elevates the voices of students and key stakeholders to help education leaders build happier, healthier school systems.

Student and Stakeholder Voice Matters

YouthTruth is based on the simple but powerful premise that when you get timely feedback from those you serve, and listen to that feedback to guide decision-making, you can improve – whether you are a teacher, a principal, a superintendent, a nonprofit leader, or a funder. 

Developed by CEP in collaboration with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2008, YouthTruth provides validated student, family, and staff surveys as well as tailored advisory services to improve student experiences and outcomes. YouthTruth has surveyed more than 1.25 million students and 145,000 family and staff members in collaboration with educators and their partners across the country.

How can foundations benefit from YouthTruth data and insights? 

    • Sponsor school systems to participate in YouthTruth surveys. Incorporate insights from student feedback to inform your foundation’s strategy, monitor progress, or convene conversations.
    • Join the Bay Area or Ohio Student Voice Initiatives – two regional learning communities exploring how districts and funders alike can learn from student feedback – or contact us to launch a similar initiative in your area.
    • Explore YouthTruth resources highlighting what we’re learning from our aggregate dataset about students’ experiences with key topics like emotional and mental health, school discipline, and college and career readiness.

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