As CEP undertakes a three-year, three-part study of the impact of MacKenzie Scott’s gifts on the nonprofits that have received her gifts as well as their influence on other funders, we are grateful to the individuals listed here for their advice and counsel. This research project will run from 2022-2024; view the first report in the study, Giving Big: The Impact of Large, Unrestricted Gifts on Nonprofits here.

Big Gifts Study Advisory Group 

  • Ava Willis-Barksdale
    Vice President, Advancement
    Executive Director, Lincoln University Foundation of PA
    Lincoln University

  • Ramsey Alwin
    President & CEO
    National Council on Aging
  • Yvonne Belanger
    Director of Learning & Evaluation
    Barr Foundation
  • Brita Blesi
    Evaluation Officer
    Houston Endowment
  • Chris Cardona
    Senior Program Officer
    Ford Foundation
  • Elizabeth Christopherson
    President & CEO
    Rita Allen Foundation
  • Matthew Forti
    Managing Director
    One Acre Fund USA
  • Pam Foster
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Sampriti Ganguli
    Senior Advisor
    Arabella Advisors
  • Shivani Garg Patel
    Chief Strategy Officer
    Skoll Foundation
  • Tim Garvin
    President & CEO
    United Way of Central Massachusetts
  • Stephanie Gillis
 Impact-Driven Philanthropy Initiative
    Raikes Foundation
  • Kathara Green
    Chief of Staff
    Skoll Foundation
  • Bob Hughes
    Former CEO
    Missouri Foundation for Health
  • Carol Karutu
    Vice President of Programs
    END Fund
  • Shaheen Kassim-Lakha
    Strategic Partnerships
    Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
  • Ruth Levine
  • Vanessa McDowell
    YWCA Madison
  • Michelle Ramos
    Executive Director
    Alternate Roots
  • Lysa Ratliff
  • Billy Shore
    Executive Chair
    Share Our Strength
  • Jehan Velji
    Effective Philanthropy Group
    The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation
  • Marcus Walton
    President & CEO
    Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
  • Melanie Willingham-Jaggers
    Executive Director