Lauren Broder

Manager, Research

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(415) 287-3435

Lauren Broder (she/her), PhD, Manager, Research supports the Research team develop insights across the field through designing research initiatives, collecting and interpreting data, and guiding meaning-making to generate data-informed insights. Her areas of expertise include project management and program evaluation, quantitative and qualitative data analysis, and stakeholder and community engagement.

Before joining CEP in 2022, Lauren led research and evaluation efforts using traditional and nontraditional methods across a variety of sectors including youth education, the child welfare system, health and human services, and child development. Her almost two decades of experience comes from both academic research and nonprofit/government evaluation, including supporting the amplification of youth voice across the 826 National network as the Director of Research and Evaluation and serving as the Principal Quantitative Research Consultant for the equity-focused evaluation consulting firm, Evaluation Studio. Foundational to Lauren’s work is a commitment to using research and evaluation to elevate community needs and support and inform meaningful social change.

In addition to her PhD in Developmental Psychology from the University of Connecticut, she holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and an MA in Psychology from University of Connecticut. When not playing around with data, Lauren enjoys diving into the imaginations of her children through elaborate crafts or dance parties, and spending time outdoors in the sunshine.

Lauren Broder